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Tintri VMstore Wins InfoWorld’s 2015 Technology of the Year Award
Posted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 02:55:48 PM


“This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s General-Purpose Storage Array” -

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., – January 29, 2015 — Tintri Inc., the leading producer of smart storage for virtualization and cloud environments, today announces that the Tintri VMstore has won InfoWorld’s “2015 Technology of the Year Award.” The Technology of the Year Award winners represent the very best products that InfoWorld reviewers worked with in the past year. This includes the best hardware, software, development tools and cloud services including Apple’s iPhone 6, HTML 5, Apache Hadoop and Docker.

InfoWorld recognized Tintri VMstore for its differentiated ability to provide data management services and analytics at the virtual machine level. “Tintri tosses old-fashioned terms like ‘LUN’ and ‘volume’ to the wayside and puts the VM at the center of storage management. Admins get an unencumbered view of VM performance, and storage management tasks operate directly on the level of virtual machines and virtual disks.” Noting that, “This is not your grandfather's general-purpose storage array.”

“Tintri VMstore earned this distinction because it challenges the storage quo,” said Tintri CMO Yael Zheng. “While every other vendor forces users to muck around with dated, physical storage constructs, Tintri VMstore is built to enable organizations’ virtualization vision. And with more than70 percent of workloads now virtualized, that resonates.”

Tintri VMstore supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization hypervisors. It is the ONLY storage provider that lets you see and act at the VM-level. See more of its offerings and capabilities here:

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