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Expanded Choice of Intelligent Infrastructure For Virtualization

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Intelligent Infrastructure Delivers Unique Outcomes in Enterprise Data Centers

Tintri’s AI-enabled Intelligent Infrastructure learns your environment to drive automation. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Intelligent Infrastructure. Chose differently, the choice is yours.

Intelligent Infrastructure as Your Competitive Edge

Tintri’s analytic insights help you simplify and accelerate your operations and empower data-driven business insights. Thousands of Tintri customers have saved millions of management hours using Intelligent Infrastructure.

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Achieve the granular VM- and DB-level action and control necessary to meet your business objectives

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Automated VM- and DB-level visibility plus intelligent analysis enable better decision making

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Extreme VM scalability and dynamic workload mobility optimize resources and efficiency

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Ensure consistent performance for faster insights and increased productivity

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Having choice in access protocols and APIs protects your existing investments

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Self Service

Empower users by automating administrative tasks to speed up deployment and time to benefit

VMstore- Intelligent Infrastructure

VMstore uniquely delivers QoS per VM for all your virtual workloads, maximizing performance, automating management, and providing real-time analytics – so you can spend less time on storage administration and focus instead on high-impact projects and business innovation.

VMstore All-Flash Systems

Tintri All-Flash Systems

VMstore is a dynamic, flexible storage solution featuring real-time analytics and automation that dramatically reduces administrative overhead, all at the application level. Manage your entire footprint in minutes per day.

Storage Management

Tintri Global Center

Tintri Global Center (TGC) automatically controls each of your apps. You simply set policies for service levels, cloning, snapshots, and replication: all at the application level. Plus, TGC federates up to 64 VMstore systems for simpler and easier resource management.

Tintri Analytics

Tintri Analytics

With Tintri's cloud-based predictive analytics you can get visibility into every app right now, so you can troubleshoot in seconds. Plus, Machine Learning algorithms model every storage and compute need for up to 18 months into the future, based on your apps’ behavior.

Tintri Storage Scale-out

Tintri Storage Scale-out

VMstore treats up to 64 systems as a federated pool of storage, and underlying offload technology leverages Tintri replication to move VMs of any size or quantity in minutes. Machine Learning optimizes VM placement, so all you need to do is hit “execute.” Start with one 19TB array and scale up to 40PB with ease.


VMstore offers a wide range of value-added features and integrations, so you can realize the full potential of your virtualized environment.

VMstore Cloud Connector
VMstore ReplicateVM
VMstore SyncVM
VMstore SecureVM

VMstore Operating System

IntelliFlash- Intelligent NVMe, All-Flash, and Hybrid Systems

IntelliFlash is a fourth-generation unified storage solution that delivers an exceptional user experience through automation, analytic insights, and a variety of time-saving management features to drive your most valuable workloads in your data centers.

NVMe Flash N-Series

Tintri NVMe Flash N-Series

IntelliFlash N-Series combines the performance of NVMe, software-optimized flash management, and rich enterprise data services required to deliver high-performance at low latency with scalable capacity to accelerate your most demanding workloads.

SAS Flash HD-Series

Tintri SAS Flash HD-Series

Consolidate your enterprise apps onto a scalable, performant, and easy-to-use intelligent infrastructure. When the data that drives your line-of-business applications resides on IntelliFlash HD-Series or T-Series, your operations are dramatically simplified. Go from pilot to production with a few clicks of a button. Enjoy a simplified administrative experience so you can focus on your business.

T-Series Storage Systems

Tintri NVMe Flash N-Series

IntelliFlash hybrid systems combine the performance of SSDs with the economics of HDDs to deliver full service, feature rich, and easy-to-manage intelligent infrastructure. You can select the right SSD:HDD ratio for your business’ needs, so you can realize exceptional value in managing your workloads.


Predict future requirements and detect problems before they develop. Analytics for IntelliFlash enables you to quickly and easily monitor the health, performance, and usage of all your IntelliFlash systems.

Proactively Manage Storage
Anticipate future problems and keep your IntelliFlash systems operating at top efficiency.

Maximize Uptime
Resolve issues before they lead to component or system failures.

Leverage the Collective Experience
Our customer support team can proactively alert you to possible system faults before they happen based upon the global experience of IntelliFlash users.

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