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Cloud Data Protection & Disaster Recovery
Secondary Storage Economics. Primary Storage Capabilities.

Don’t let disasters keep you down. Tintri all-flash storage and software protects each application automatically. Now you can replicate data to secondary sites or public cloud, with recovery just one click away. Get up and running again in no time.



If you’re thinking about your organization’s data protection (DP) and disaster recovery (DR) strategy, you’ve got a lot on your mind. You need to integrate with existing solutions without creating another silo or requiring an overhaul. And you want rich features to minimize recovery time and point objectives (RTPO) for your mission critical applications without breaking the bank.

Tintri offers a fully integrated DP and DR solution, without limiting your field of view to just secondary storage or sacrificing flexibility and features. Organizations maintain seamless operation by using Tintri for both primary and secondary storage, or by integrating Tintri with existing solutions (like Veeam and Commvault) and public cloud. Tintri’s S3 Connector protects Tintri snapshots to cloud object storage such as Amazon S3 and on-premises object storage including IBM Cloud Object Storage (formerly known as CleverSafe).

Fully integrated DP and DR solution


Proven security

Proven security at the highest standard

With AES-256 bit encryption of data at rest, and integration with Gemalto's Safenet KeySecure via KMIP, you can cryptographically lock your arrays and conform to the highest security standards and regulatory requirements. Your data protection team can rest easy.

Connect your footprint to AWS or IBM COS

Extend your on-premises Tintri footprint to AWS or IBM Cloud Object Storage. Take advantage of secondary storage economics with Tintri’s per-application data transfer, dedupe and compression abilities, which offer the most efficient way to store data in the cloud. Configure policies with any schedule, retention period and replication target from one interface.

Connect your footprint to AWS or IBM COS

Flexible protection

Flexible protection to keep your business running

Set RPO of 1 minute, 15 minutes, or any other timeframe at the per-application level. Plus, synchronous replication for your critical applications. Tintri enables replication across multiple sites to a single remote disaster recovery location (many-to-one), or from one source to up to 4 locations (one-to-many).

Tintri Benefits


Inefficient storage is costly—both in required capacity and heavy WAN usage. Tintri’s approach to data protection and disaster recovery gives you secondary storage economics with primary storage capabilities. Tintri offers you:

  • Snapshots and clones at the virtual machine level for the highest space savings, flexibility and speed of operation
  • Protection of individual VMs (instead of entire LUNs) to reduce WAN usage by 95% or more
  • DP/DR space savings of 10x or more with inline deduplication and compression and Tintri’s proprietary replication protocol
Architecture Hybrid-flash Series All-flash Series (expandable)
Model T885 T850 T820 T5080 T5060 T5040
Effective Capacity for Primary (TB) 120 66 23 69/139/308 35/69/154 17/35/77
Data Protected as DP/DR target (TB)* 610 340 118 138/278/616 70/138/308 34/70/154
* Assumes minimum policy of 8 hourly snapshots, 7 daily snapshots, and 4 weekly snapshots. All snapshots are logically represented as full recoveries.


Tintri can be managed by IT generalists—no DP/DR expertise is required to set policies and manage failover. And Tintri’s simplicity and performance allow for a new level of speed for DP/DR use cases:

  • Zero RPO and near zero RTO (as low as 30 seconds or less) for planned and manual failovers with a single click
  • Workflows simplified further with automation via Tintri PowerShell Toolkit, vRO plugin and RESTful APIs


When things go awry—whether it’s small issue or a disaster—you need immediate responsiveness and total visibility into the root cause. Only Tintri can show you what’s happening with individual VMs or groups of VMs, so you can:

  • Visualize latency—spanning host, network and storage—across both primary and secondary storage for all protection use cases
  • Protect VMs with quality of service (QoS), snapshots, clones and real-time and historical statistics, all at the VM level.

Tintri Capabilities

Tintri’s DP/DR solution is comprised of Tintri VMstore arrays and our highly differentiated Tintri Software Suite, enabling:

Snapshots as first line of defense

Tintri provides space-efficient snapshots that take only seconds to create— storing only changed data blocks, with no performance impact. Default snapshot schedules can protect every VM automatically; custom schedules allow users to meet specific data protection needs.

Fast recovery of virtualized apps and infrastructure

Restore at the VM, vDisk or file level with a single click. Tintri can provide protection for a set of virtualized applications or an entire datacenter. Test your DP/DR strategy early and often with local clones and replica snapshots at the secondary site without impacting production.

Flexible protection options

Recovery point objectives (RPO) of 1 minute, 15 minutes, or other desired levels can be set per-VM. In addition to one-to-one replication, you can replicate individual VMs across multiple sites to a single remote DR location (many-to-one), or from one source to up to 4 locations (one-to-many). This flexibility allows you to create multiple redundant copies for DR and DP. And with Synchronous Replication, Tintri achieves Zero RPO and near-zero recovery time objectives (RTO) with manual or planned failover.

Data security

Tintri offers encryption of data at rest with AES-256 bit encryption for real-time data protection with no impact on application performance. We integrate with Gemalto’s Safenet KeySecure via the key management interoperability protocol (KMIP) so you can cryptographically lock your arrays and conform to the highest security standards and regulatory requirements.

Tintri offers all the capabilities of primary storage with the economics of secondary storage.

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