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Tintri IntelliFlash NVMe Flash N-Series
Empowering the most demanding enterprise workloads

NVMe Flash Systems - Maximum Performance, Feature Rich

Your most demanding workloads deserve uncompromised performance especially when they are key to your business success. Exceptional performance at low latency, flexibility at scale, and comprehensive data services and management make IntelliFlash N-Series the choice for any performance-sensitive workload.

IntelliFlash N-Series combines the performance of NVMe, software-optimized flash management, and rich enterprise data services required to deliver high-performance at low latency with scalable capacity to accelerate your most demanding workloads.

Workload Flexibility

Scalable expansion supports mixed media types, so you can tailor up to 10PB effective capacity to meet your specific needs.

Easy to Manage, Intelligent

Simple, application aware, and flexible management.

IntelliFlash™ NVMe Flash Series

N5100: Entry NVMe System

  • 46 to 92TB NVMe Flash Capacity
  • Up to 1395TB All-Flash Effective Capacity
  • Full featured enterprise-class NVMe system for environments that can benefit from the lowest latency with balanced economics.

IntelliFlash™ NVMe Flash Series


  • 23 to 184TB NVMe Flash Capacity
  • Up to 5022TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash™ NVMe Flash Series

N5800: Best in Class Performance

  • 19 to 154TB NVMe Flash Capacity
  • Up to 9270TB All-Flash Effective Capacity
  • Turbocharge your business applications with up to 1.7M IOPS and latency as low as 200 µseconds.