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Tintri Global Center
Automated storage management for each application

Tintri Global Center

Tintri Global Center
Tintri Global Center
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TGC allows you to see across your entire infrastructure

Tintri Global Center (TGC) controls each of your applications automatically. Set policies for quality of service, cloning, snapshots and replication: all at the application level. Plus, Tintri treats up to 64 Tintri systems as a federated pool of storage that you can manage in just minutes per day.

To realize the potential of enterprise cloud, you must be able to operate at scale—and that means tight management of thousands of individual applications. Tintri Global Center makes it easy to scale-out and manage up to 64 Tintri storage systems and 480,000 applications from a single pane of glass. Apply automation to speed processes and optimize the placement of every application across your footprint.

Tintri Global Center software serves as an intelligent, unified control center that enables multiple Tintri storage systems to seamlessly function as one enterprise cloud environment. Start with a single Tintri storage system and grow into a massive footprint—up to 64 Tintri storage systems and 480,000 virtual machines—with complete visibility across data stores and geographies. You can see the aggregate capacity, throughput and latency of your entire infrastructure, and then quickly drill into those same metrics for an individual Tintri’s storage system and even individual applications. Visibility spans your entire infrastructure, allowing you to troubleshoot latency across host, network and storage.

To simplify management of hundreds or thousands of virtual machines and containers, Tintri Global Center lets you assign similar applications into Service Groups. Then, you can apply policies at this level of granularity, setting quality of service (QoS) or data protection for a Service Group. As new applications are added to a group, they automatically adopt that group’s policies. And policies remain attached to applications even as you move them between groups. That way, the policies you set when you have hundreds of applications remain intact as you expand to thousands of them.



Manage and monitor up to 64 Tintri systems

Operate a one-person storage management center. You can manage up to 64 arrays as one, with complete visibility into all individual VMs or containers. Deep dive into capacity, performance and the root cause of latency in just clicks.

Set policies that stick

Set up groups of like applications, then apply data protection and quality of service (QoS) policies to those groups. When you move individual applications out of groups and across your footprint, the policies follow—no manual intervention required.

Set policies

Tintri working

Push “execute” and let Tintri do the rest

Tintri storage management is always at work—crunching one million stats about your applications every ten minutes. VM Scale-Out software uses this data to recommend the best placement of each application to optimize use of your capacity and performance.

Tintri Global Center Advanced

Tintri Global Center Advanced unlocks more capabilities that simplify storage scale-out. VM Scale-out technology in Tintri Global Center Advanced ensures you make the best possible use of your storage footprint—it treats your combination of Tintri all-flash and hybrid-flash arrays as a single, federated pool of resources, and automatically identifies the optimal placement for every application.

VM Scale-out recommendations are based on actual data about your applications’ behavior. The technology crunches more than one million statistics every ten seconds, looking back 30 days to capture data peaks and not just averages. An algorithm recommends placement based on cost, capacity and performance—it even considers snapshots, clones, thin provisioning and storage activity to ensure it moves the least amount of data in the shortest time.

Tintri Global Center allows you to see across your entire infrastructure
FIGURE 1. Tintri Global Center allows you to see across your entire infrastructure.

VM Scale-out software also leverages array-offloading for application storage live migration (VAAI for VMware vSphere and Remote ODX for Hyper-V). Migrating running applications to optimize storage pools is completely offloaded to the Tintri storage systems, which is up to 10X orders of magnitude faster than with other platforms. Tintri reduces the largest migrations from hours to minutes, eliminating load on compute hosts and saving up to 95% of the bandwidth required to migrate applications between arrays. All you have to do is select “Execute” and VM Scale-out does the rest. That’s how Tintri Global Center Advanced makes it possible to scale out from terabytes to petabytes with the same infrastructure team you have today.

 VM Scale-out recommends actions that will optimize the placement of applications
FIGURE 2. VM Scale-out recommends actions that will optimize the placement of applications across your storage pool. You can drill into details and even see the expected outcomes—then hit “Execute”.


Download the Tintri Global Center Datasheet (PDF).


Tintri Global Center
Tintri Global Center
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