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Tintri IntelliFlash SAS Flash HD-Series
Accelerating mixed workloads, scaling terabytes to multiple petabytes.

SAS Flash Systems - The Workhorse for Your Applications

Consolidate your enterprise apps onto a scalable, performant, and easy-to-use intelligent infrastructure. When the data that drives your line-of-business applications resides on IntelliFlash HD-Series or T-Series, your operations are dramatically simplified. Go from pilot to production with a few clicks of a button. Enjoy a simplified administrative experience so you can focus on your business.

Easy to Manage

Application-aware, simple, and flexible storage management bolstered by analytics and environment-wide insight.

Dense Flash, Compact Fit

Over 5PB of effective capacity in a compact 10RU footprint.

Ideal for Multiple Mixed Workloads

Delivers consistent high performance at low latency for any workload and I/O block size.

IntelliFlash™ SAS Flash HD-Series


  • 92 to 645TB All-Flash RAW Capacity
  • 339 to 2511TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash™ SAS Flash HD-Series


  • 184 to 1290TB All-Flash RAW Capacity
  • 662 to 5022TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash™ SAS Flash HD-Series


  • 368 to 2580TB All-Flash RAW Capacity
  • 1325 to 10044TB All-Flash Effective Capacity