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Tintri IntelliFlash N-Series Expansion Shelves
Empowering the most demanding enterprise workloads

Mixed Media Scalability – Performance and Capacity Expansion Choice

The Tintri IntelliFlash N-Series intelligent infrastructure is a fourthgeneration storage solution that delivers an exceptional user experience through automation, analytic insights, and a variety of time-saving management features to drive your most valuable workloads in today’s data centers.

As your business needs grow, Tintri provides choice in scaling your N-Series NVMe™ capacity. You can select from high-performance NVMe SSDs or cost-efficient SAS SSDs expansion shelves, or both, to deliver the optimum capacity that meets your needs while maintaining your desired performance level.

Each expansion shelf delivers the same proven innovation in flash management, data persistence, and data management as the N-Series controller so you will maintain unprecedented levels of consolidation, simplicity, and economics. Exceptional performance at low latency, flexibility at scale, and comprehensive data services make IntelliFlash N-Series expansion the choice for growing enterprise workloads. Experience Different!

IntelliFlash All-Flash Expansion Shelves

IntelliFlash™ FE-25 All-Flash


  • 23TB All-Flash Raw Capacity
  • 544TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash™ FE-50 All-Flash


  • 46TB All-Flash Raw Capacity
  • 1090TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash™ FE-100 All-Flash


  • 46 - 92TB All-Flash Raw Capacity
  • Up to 2180TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash™ FE-200 All-Flash


  • 92 - 184TB All-Flash Raw Capacity
  • Up to 4360TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash™ FE-400 All-Flash


  • 184 - 368TB All-Flash Raw Capacity
  • Up to 8718TB All-Flash Effective Capacity

IntelliFlash Hybrid Expansion Shelves

IntelliFlash™ HE-50 Hybrid Flash


  • 5.6TB All-Flash Raw Capacity
  • 52TB HDD Raw Capacity